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Many thanks!


Dear Byronists

I hope this finds you all well so please excuse a bit of cheek on my part.

As you will know, this December marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ada, Lord Byron’s daughter. For some months I have been working towards  commissioning a musical piece in commemoration of the event. With that in mind, I have been in touch with James Whitbourn whom some of you may know or know of. However, I have found that what I have available by way of my own  funding  wont go very far. It might just about commission a  5 minute piece – though  perhaps as a prelude to something greater.

In general terms James is thinking of a piece for voice, harp and violin. I have given him access to the family archives in the Bodleian Library in Oxford to assist with  his thoughts on the matter. James also  feels that to do the subject justice a rather longer  piece than anything I had envisaged, would be  merited here with a view to completing it sometime late 2016. I can’t fund that myself but I wondered whether there were any enthusiasts among Byronists who might be interested to do so or those among you who know of others who might  be captivated by that idea.

At this stage I am just inviting  expressions of interest. Please don’t feel obliged to respond to this.

With regards

John Lytton'