The 37th International Byron Conference 2011, Valladolid Spain

27th June to 1st July 2011

Theme: Byron & Latin Culture

General Programme

Introduction - Selected Papers

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Anahit Bekaryan: Inspirers of Freedom: Lord Byron and Michael Nalbandian

Shobhana Bhattacharji: Faliero’s Wife

Madeleine Callaghan: Forgive My Folly: Byron's Divided Nationality

Richard A. Cardwell: Byron’s Romantic Adventures In Spain

John Clubbe: Byron and Chateaubriand Interpret Spain

Peter Cochran: Prosper Merimee, Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas, and the commodification of the Byronic hero

Agustin Coletes Blanco: Literary Allusion in Byron’s Writings of the Mediterranean Tour (1809-1811): an Introduction

Olivier Feignier: Orlando, Juan, and the ottava rima ride in pursuit of narrative bliss

Joshua D. Gonsalves: Typological Revisions of The Sack of Rome in Byron's The Deformed Transformed

Allan Gregory: Juvenalian Satire And Byron

Jonathan Gross: Childish Ways: Anne Damer And Other Precursors To Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Itsuyo Higashinaka:   Byron The Epigrammatist

Mirka Horova - Byron’s The Lament Of Tasso And The Mannerism Of Madness

Christine Kenyon-Jones: Byron and Bullfighting

Katherine Kernberger - Religion and the Supernatural in Tirso de Molina’s El Burlador and Byron’s

Don Juan

Alice Levine: The Je Ne Sais Quoi Of Byron’s Poetry: Foreignisms In Don Juan

Nora Liassis: Intimations of Mortality – Byron’s Response to Hadrianus

Foteini Lika: When Epic Juan Meets Donna Joan: Byron, Roidis And The ‘Latin’ Encounter In Nineteenth-Century Greek Fiction

Adam McCune: Naming 'Ianthe': Charlotte Harley and Byron's Classical Sources

Innes Merabishvili: Ovid's Hero And Medea As Reflected In Byron's Life And Works

Stephen Minta: Chateaubriand and Byron: Atala and Childe Harold's Pilgrimage I and II

Mieko Miyazawa: Are George Sand And Byron Alike?

Naji Oueijan: Byron, D’Herbelot, and Oriental Culture

Maria Eugenia Perojo Arronte: Byron In Romantic And Post-Romantic Spain

Yoshida Reiko: "Video meliora proboque; Deteriora seqour" - The Deformed Transformed in the tradition of Metamorphoses and the genre of Mock Heroic

Rosemarie Rowley: Byron’s Prophecy of Dante and its form, terza rima

Mark Sandy: Monuments Of Mortal Birth: Public Ruins And Personal Grief In Byron's Recollections Of Greece

Daniele Sarrat: Politics and Ferocity: Byron’s Beppo, romantically illustrated by Alexandre Colin

Maria Schoina: Byron And Casti: Dangerous Liasons

Irina Shishkova: The Spanish Theme In The Stone Guest by Pushkin and Byron’s Childe Harold

Nataliya Solovyova: Love, Freedom and Oppression (from Byron’s The Giaour via: Pushkin’s Gypsies to Merimee’s Carmen)

Valeria Vallucci:   The 'Giant Affair':  Byron, the Neapolitans, and the Papal States