Call for Papers: Newstead Abbey Byron Conference 2020

Byron & Loss

Newstead Abbey Byron Conference 2020

24th-25th April


Keynote Speaker: Dr Mirka Horova


2020 marks the bicentenary of a troubling year. George III had lost his life and, many would argue, George IV lost what little shreds remained of his dignity, pursuing his errant wife with hypocritical vengeance during the so-called Queen Caroline Affair. The monarchy and government had lost the trust of the people, and many of them would have lost their lives had the Cato Street Conspiracy succeeded. Meanwhile Byron, now in the fourth year of his self-imposed exile, was rapidly losing his hair, teeth, famous good looks, and – some might argue – his dignity. It is against this backdrop that he became interested in Italian politics, or rather the loss of political authority and national autonomy.


To mark the year of 1820, we welcome papers considering the theme of Byron and loss. These could include`, but are not limited to:


Themes of loss may include but are not restricted to

Grief, familial loss and suicide

Melancholy, weltschmerz, Romantic melancholia

Material and aesthetic losses

Appetite and diet

Loss of status, land, and national autonomy

Loss of love, lovers, and spouses

Religious convictions and anxieties

Idealism and political convictions

Anxieties about poetic reputation and legacy

Writer’s block and poetic inspiration

Financial losses, economic instability and usury

Ruins and degeneration



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